It’s the Taste that will GET YOU!

El Cucuy – the product of years of bedtime stories… of mothers and fathers invoking his name in hushed tones to get children to behave… of sitting around the campfire while the storyteller swore that their tale was absolutamente la verdad (absolutely true)! And now, we’re here to tell you that El Cucuy exists and he’s finally here!

El Cucuy Energy® is a great tasting, vitamin fortified, energy drink that adds culture to the mix! Packed with Vitamins and Minerals, this drink is guaranteed to wake you up and provide natural energy. The great taste, excellent energy boost and no horrible aftertaste makes El Cucuy Energy® the preferred energy drink!

  1. Cool your thirst
  2. Hydrate your body
  3. Energize your mind

Try El Cucuy Energy® today!


Find out more about distribution opportunities or where you can buy El Cucuy Energy® HERE.

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